Wednesday, February 26, 2014


3 decades.  I have lived for 3 decades...

I look back and the biggest achievements for me so far...

1.  I lived.  I was born and i survived to see 30 years.  This is a great achievement.  Life is very precious.
2.  I Graduated from University of Waterloo.  Which isn't just any university... It is one of the tops and not just graduated but worked hard and earned me way out with honors degree. 
3.  Relationships... with my parents, extended family and my husband (for 5 years)
4.  Bought and own my own car... Honda CRV 2009
5.  Got a Job, well 4 jobs... Computech, Thomson Reuters, Bank of America and now JP Morgan Chase.  Each job a step up the ladder for me.
6.  My biggest achievement:  Had a baby...   My BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL Mahi.   To be honest this achievement beats all the above 5.  The most common achievement given by nature (no need to work that hard as above)  is the most rewarding gift. I look forward to the next decade and beyond to be a mom to this little girl.

What to look forward for the next decade:  is to live and let live... Another baby, a place that i can call home.  Some travel.. Europe, Singapore.  And most of all be a greatest mom in the whole wide world.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Lot has changed in the last 9 months.  Can't believe time is running so fast.  I have so many stories to tell about my little Mahi.

Apart from joy and happiness of motherhood, she bought clarity into my life.  I am more focused now.  I work hard to get things done and I am overall a better person than I was before her.

I am more forgiving and forgetting of people.  I have moved on from the past hurts.  My focus is on now, NOW with my daughter, my mom and my husband. 

These 3 people in my life are bring me enormous joy.  If I will every look back in the future,  I will remember that 2012-2013 is the happiest time of my life.  Thank you baba for this. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Introducing my daughter Mahi

My Mahi...

She changed my life forever.  My angel.  I am so blessed to be her mom.  Being a mom is privilage and a blessing.  I know it comes with lots of responsibilities.  But I feel like it is what I am supposed to do with my life.  I have a purpose for my life now.  To take care of this angel.

As a mom... My responsibilities are first to take care of her health (nurishment then hygine)  then her emotional health.. Make sure she is secure and happy.  Then my responsibility will be to help her mold her personality and lastly her education.  Help her be a successful person in this society. 

Mahi... if you ever read this please know that your mom loves you very much and you are a blessing in her life.  love

Goals Met so far

These were my goals this year:
1. Maybe baby
2. Pay off student loan
3. Help parents with their home building in India
4. Shamrock Shuffle
5. Fight for air
6. Maybe MBA Write GMAT.

I achieved a few of them

Paid off my student debt..  Fight for Air...  and of course the most important one BABY....

Forget Shamrock cause I was pregnant when it happened. :D 

So only 2 goals not achieved that I should have:
1.  Help parents with their home building in India
2.  Write GMAT..

Will transfer these to next here, pregnancy is not an easy thing to handle anyway

More on my baby later

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Faces to the Coin

As Oprah says... I just had a aaaha movement. 

I had an Aaaha movement.  Everything in life happens for a reason.  A lesson i need to learn.  I have learned my lesson. 

You know the red flags that show up in life and you ignore them until they blow up in your face.  I saw the signs but never realized they were there until bam they hit me, and they knocked me down hard.  A person has two faces.  You see the glimpse of the dark side but you ignore it until you can't ignore it anymore. 

Another thing i learned is that it is ok not to be loved/understood by every body.  It is ok for relationships to end.  It is ok to distance myself from dysfunctional family.   It is ok to be content with my own life.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Spark

I'm most creative when...
I am under pressure. When I am challenged, I feel if anyone I can do this.

If I were a color, I would be...
Blue, deep as the deep blue sea. Lot of depth and wisdom.

I often imagine myself...
In a nice colorful floral dress, dancing

I really wish I know how to...
Swim. It would be nice to get over the fear.

I would love to spend a lazy sunday...
Staying home, sleeping in, relaxing watching tv, hanging out with hubby

My secret talent is...
Guessing the end of a movie within the first 20 minutes of the movie.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year - 2012

New Year, new life.

I am going to focus on me this year. Well me my parents and my brother and hubby. Pretty much all the people of my life.

Last year goals were well achieved...
1. paid off the car
2. paid credit card debt...
3. Save money to buy a house.

This year these are my new goals:
1. Maybe baby
2. Pay off student loan
3. Help parents with their home building in India
4. Shamrock Shuffle
5. Fight for air
6. Maybe MBA Write GMAT.

Time to focus on my future. And not dwell on the past. Past is past, can't seem to change it. Trust me i have tried. Esp. the people. Time to have some distance with everyone. Time to install some boundaries and close off doors.

Not too bad of goals right... Let's see what i will achieve this year....